Shelley Kerman R.C.R.T.

Certified Hand and Foot Reflexologist

Level 3 Integrated Positional Therapist

Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher

Shelley is a certified hand a foot reflexologist since 2009 and she has a solid practice here in Montreal and serves communities in the USA as well. The path to healing through reflexology, which calms and relaxes the nervous system, has spoken to her throughout most of her life. Becoming a reflexologist 7 years ago validated so much of what she already felt intuitively. Her gift of healing and connecting through compassion helps bring clients into ease and comfort.

Integrated Positional Therapy adds another layer of tools that enable deeper healing for people that feel imbalanced in their bodies. Often we carry our bodies with poor posture or as a result of an accident, create imbalance by compensation as we sit, walk and sleep. IPT helps to rebalance our muscular structure so we can “hang” more comfortably as we wear our bodies through our days and lives.


$85 a session

Insurance receipts provided