Warming Sock Treatments

Warming socks are a very effective home-remedy that has an overall relaxing and soothing effect on the body. They are used to draw heat from other parts of the body, to help to decongest the head and sinuses, particularly great during a bad cold. Best of all, all you need are 2 pairs of socks and access to cold water.

What you need:

1 pair of thin cotton socks
1 pair of wool socks


It is not advised to walk around once you have the wet socks on, so it is best to do this at bedtime or when you are sure to sit still for a couple of hours.

Before beginning, it is important that your feet are nice and warm. In the event that your feet are cold, place them in a bath of warm/hot water for several minutes until they have fully warmed up, or simply run them under hot water in the tub. Dry off.

Dip the thin cotton socks in freezing cold water and wring them out until they are wet but not dripping. Pull the cold wet socks on (we promise it sounds worse then it actually is!) and cover them with the pair of dry wool socks. Cover your feet with an additional blanket and snuggle up nice and comfy. The blood that rushes down to your feet will quickly warm the socks resulting in a general heating effect.

The treatment is finished once the socks are fully dry, usually about an hour or two, but can be left on all night for a relaxing night’s sleep.